Favourite Festive Films

With most people well into the Christmas spirit it got me thinking about our favourite festive films that we get excited about watching every year. These are the films that really make us as a family know that Christmas is on its way.

First up is Polar Express, we watch this when we put the Christmas tree up as it’s just such a magical film. The animation is amazing and watching the journey that the children go on especially because the little boy doesn’t believe in the beginning.

Another festive favourite is Miracle on 34th street. I love this film so much ever since being a little girl myself and I have now passed that love onto my girls. I enjoy it so much for the fact that it is, to me about not proving whether he is Santa or not for the children, it’s simply about a man who wants people to believe in A Santa. To see all those people come together and support him is what Christmas is all about, support and love for one another.

The Santa Clause with Tim Allen is a fab film to watch at Christmas. I love the comedy value that it brings but also the relationship you watch grow between him and his son.

Last but not least is Santa Claus the Movie with Dudley Moore. This is by far the most iconic Christmas film for me. Whether that’s because of the magic of how the North Pole is perceived or if it’s because the special effects for its time were really good (obviously a little ropey now) I can sit and watch it over and over again.

I put a poll out on Twitter to see if people agreed with my views and I was surprised to see that Santa Claus the Movie came out on top with 39% of the 30 votes.

People also tweeted me their favourites if they weren’t in the poll too.

First up was Nat and Cat with Arthur Christmas which I had totally forgotten about, even though Ava-Leigh had watched it at her school film night a couple of weeks ago.

It’s A Wonderful Life was suggested by Venetia. I have to admit I haven’t seen this, so I’m thinking I will have to do some research and see what it’s like.

We then had The Grinch was is said to be a favourite of Eileen. After her comment I really wanted to watch it. I love Jim Carey as an actor and think he really portraits the Grinch amazingly. I love WhoVill to and think everybody should love Christmas as much as they do, myself included.

@GoWestGal says Elf is her favourite festive film and while I like the film I just really struggle with Will Ferral as an actor. So unfortunately it isn’t something that is at the top of my list during Christmas.

Muppets Christmas Carol was next suggested by Mrs A. I haven’t watched this film in a long time and I am most certainly going to dig it out and watch it with the girls as I am sure they would enjoy it.

@Janicebrown39 said Nativity is her favourite. I think I may of seen it but I can’t be sure, so maybe it’s another to add to the watch list.

Thank you to all that joined in, it was really nice to see people’s responses. Maybe you didn’t join in and your favourite is missing from the list? Why don’t you drop a comment and let me know.


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