One simple act…

Its amazing how much we are wrapped up in our own little worlds, being so engrossed in our phones, headphones in, heads down staring at floor as we walked through the streets. We actually miss so much of what is going on around us. I found this out on my way home from work a few days ago.

Now I normally stick my head phones in as soon as I get out of work, while walking to the bus station, which i did on this day, however by the time I actually got on the bus, my phone died. It meant that on my 40 minute journey home I could hear what the rest of the commuters were talking about. In particular two young girls, who I would say were around 17 years old. They were sat around 3 rows behind me but on the opposite side of the bus. It was pretty full bus due to it being Friday night and also our local Christmas market. I was really shocked at what I heard from these two girls, on about what they were planning for the weekend and the fact that they were both so comfortable talking about it in such a manner. They both spoke openly and at a normal speaking level about the drugs that they were going to take and how they were going to get them. The swearing that I heard too really disturbed me, now don’t get me wrong im not against swearing as such and I do swear but it depends on the company that I am with on how much I swear. These girls really didn’t care that they were on a bus full of people who could hear their conversation so clearly.

I also met a lovely lady on the bus who was sat next to me. We were talking about our local Christmas market and also weight loss. She had been doing weight watchers and lost so much weight that when she showed me a before picture, I didn’t even realise it was her. It was so nice to just have a conversation with a complete stranger. We were chatting away for a good 20 minutes and when she was getting off the bus, she wished me a merry Christmas.

It’s things like the second conversation that made me realise, that I probably miss out on speaking to somebody who I never would, all because I lose my head in music. A simple conversation like that can make somebody’s day, it may be the only interaction that person has all day. We are always so consumed by our own things that we take for granted so much, we don’t actually see what is going on around us because we have our heads down staring at technology!! I think I am going to make sure now that when I am on the bus on my way to or from work, that at least once a week, I sit with no headphones in and don’t look at my phone. Even if I don’t have a conversation with somebody, I will at least see what is happening around me.


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