Coffee Is My True Love

I hate to admit it but coffee you are my actual true love!! I wake up and you are the first thing that I think about, I go straight into the kitchen before doing anything else and switch the kettle on, but lets be honest I need you, more than you need me. Its clear that if I stopped drinking you tomorrow, you really wouldn’t care, but that doesn’t stop me needing you as much as I do. I am happy for this relationship to carry on all one sided. I never used to like you at first and thought you tasted too bitter and smelt awful, I couldn’t understand why anybody would choose to drink you, but then something changed, you started to grow on me, I discovered that you were best left untouched, none of this adding milk, it made you weak. I like you to be natural and yourself. Just a drop of cold water to take the burn away but not too much to make you lukewarm.

The amount of times you have helped me on those early mornings when I have been up all night with the kids, you don’t care how rough I look, or the dark circles around my eyes and the messy hair. The times I have had to keep going at 8pm because I am supposed to be going out with the girls, so a quick strong cup of the good stuff and I can continue going into the early hours of the morning. The endless amounts of conversations I had into coffee cups while studying for my GCSE exams about how I was going to fail and that nothing I was reading was sticking. Those horrible stale hospital vending machine coffee’s that although weren’t that great, got me through endless times of sitting in A&E for hours. All those times of meeting up with friends and catching up, swapping advice and gossip, oh god just think of the stories those coffee cups could tell, the group of men and women I meet with each Wednesday at Slimming World, listening to our tremendous losses or those crappy gains. Sitting at home after the school run on a dark and miserable Monday morning with Jeremy Kyle on the T.V just sipping away in my own little world.

Its safe to say coffee you have seen me through a lot over the years and will continue to be my one true love in the mornings to give me that boost and focus to face whatever the day has to throw at me!!

coffee 2


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