7 Top Tips for Slimming World

I don’t try to be an expert at Slimming World but somebody asked me recently about any tips or advice I had for her as she has just started, so it got me thinking about the things that make my journey more successful. I have been a member of Slimming World about 4 times now and so I feel like I probably know quite a lot about it. The reason why I have joined quit and rejoined, isnt because it doesnt work, its because I have either got lazy and couldnt be bothered, didnt have the motivation and right frame of mind, or I got too cocky and thought I could do it by myself! So here is my top tips and advice for being successful at Slimming World

  • Fill up on free foods such as fruit, vegetables, lean meats all the things that are listed in your book. This will help you to feel full from your meals and hopefully minimise your snacking between meals. However if you are hungry all these things are the foods that you should be eating. Remember your plate should be filled with 1/3 of fruit and veg.
  • Be sure to plan your meals in advance. Now if like me you don’t always know what you fancy, you could just write a list of Slimming World friendly meals and then pick from that list each day.
  • If you are stuck for ideas and recipes then why not get some of the books from your group. I love my little book of soups and also the fakeaway book. The slimming world app is great for ideas and also I find social media a great little tool. Try Pinterest and searching slimming world recipes syn free and Instagram using the #slimmingworldrecipes #slimmingworldfriends or #slimmingworldmafia
  • Make sure you weigh and measure everything!! The difference between guessing that amount of bread, cheese or mayo on your salad could be the difference between a weight loss or weight gain.
  • Be sure to check the syn value of everything, the slimming world app is great, so make sure you use it. Things can be updated and syn values can change due to a difference in the recipe.
  • Stay to group, there is no point in paying, weighing and going. Those people who sit in that room with you all have the exact same goal as you and that is to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle. They will help support, guide, give advice and on the odd few occasions kick your arse too. I have made some new friends just by sitting and talking to that group of people and I would be lost without the amazing support from them and also from my consultant.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad meal, rubbish day or even week. Just draw a line under it, get weighed, faced the scales and move on. I can almost guarantee nobody in the history of Slimming World has been perfect throughout their journey.

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