My Pet Hates

As the Great British public we have a bit of a reputation for moaning about things, I am not any different and certain situations really annoy me. So I decided to get them off my chest and see if you agree with me or disagree, maybe you have some to add to the list.

First up is manners – It really bugs me when you hold a door open, move out the way, allow a car out in traffic or even just giving somebody something and they can’t even say two simple words. I means manners don’t cost anything, it doesn’t take a whole chunk out of your day. Let’s face it, it’s not time consuming and surely it’s just common courtesy. I have always taught my daughters manners, and while yes they might forget sometimes, I don’t think there has ever been a time when they haven’t used their manners in public.

Loud Eating- I bloody hate this and I am forever telling my eldest. She continually eats with her mouth open and chomps away. I get so mad with it, I just don’t understand how people don’t have the basic skills to eat with their mouths shut.

Child & Parent Spaces – Now my children are 5 and 9 and yes on occasion we use these spaces as my children have a tendency to swing doors open wide and also because they are normally close to the paths to get to the supermarkets etc safely. What really annoys me is when people park in them who don’t have children or when the spaces are close and they are just plain lazy and can’t be arsed to walk a little further. Those spaces are pro dominantly for parents to have space to open their doors wide to get their child in and out.

Going the wrong way – When people go round the supermarkets the wrong way. I just don’t get it, when you go into most supermarkets the freezer aisle is at the opposite end to the entrance because it makes sense to get the freezer items last to minimise defrosting. So why the bloody hell do people start there first?!?

I realised while writing this post I really am a moaner and it makes me sound so grumpy but these are just things that really get my back up.


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