1988 – What was happening?

My husband was scrolling through Facebook and it came up with hit songs turning 30 years old, so it got me thinking about what other things happened the year I was born. We sat that evening having a scroll through the internet and came up with quite a few things.

Rain Man, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Coming to American were all top films of 1988. I absolutely love Who Framed Roger Rabbit but I have never seen the other 2 films.

The worlds population in 1988 was 5,070,000000. This was a really shocking statistic to me as I never think of there actually being that many people on Earth. I forget just how big the human race is.

The horrendous Pan Am Air bombing happened in which all 259 passengers and crew lost their lives along with 11 people on the ground. I always remembered people talking about Lockerbie and I recently watched a documentary about what happened.

pan am air

On the 11th January 15 to 1 first aired with William G Stewart. It had a reputation for being one of the toughest quizzes on T.V

15 to 1


Comic Relief fundraiser was aired for the very first time on 5th February on the BBC. It has raised over £1 billion in its 30 years. It was founded by comedian Lenny Henry and Richard Curtis. I always watch when its on T.V and make sure we donate.

comic relief


In 1988 on 19th May Angie Watts departed from Albert Square for a life in Spain. Im sure even if you didnt watch Eastenders everybody has heard of the infamous Den and Angie Watts.

angie watss

Count Duckula made its first appearance on our screens on 6th September. I loved this show and my husband can still remember the words to the intro.

count duckula


October 3rd Oprah Winfrey first premiered on British T.V

oprah winfrey


On 8th Novemeber 20 million people watched the 523rd episode of Neighbours and watched the wedding of Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell. I have to admit that when I was little I had quite a soft spot for Jason Donavon.



Apparently the average house price was £61,000!! The price of a new car was £8000 which in todays money would be the equivalent of £20000 and a litre of fuel was just 38p!!

house for sale


Do you know what was happening the year you were born?


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