Back with A Bang

So as some of you know, I decided to stop blogging as I had a promotion at work, which meant more hours and responsibilities (aka stress.) While the promotion was everything that I had wanted I knew it was going to take some readjusting of routines and time. This meant that the blog was put on the back burner, however I feel now after 4 months I have got my routine in my routine down and life back in order.

So whats happened over the last few months I hear you cry!! Well I will tell you. We have made our humble little 2 bedroom flat into a 3 bedroom. The girls are growing up and wanting their own space from each other, and with them being polar opposites we decided now was the time. We had Brads dad build us a stud wall to separate the living room, so that we could move our bedroom in there, which I was little worried about at first, as I didn’t want to end up with a tiny living space, but I have to say it has made the living room so much better. Emme-Mai now has what was our bedroom and its pretty much completed,she even has her own little den, which currently stores all her Nerf guns and bullets. Just a couple of little bits left to do and then its time to crack on with Ava-Leigh’s room.

We had a pretty tough time last year regarding Brads sons, which I decided not to go into on here as it wasn’t something that I wanted to put out there, but we have finally turned a corner with it all and are seeing the boys again, which I cant begin to tell you all how amazing that is. All of us really missed them and it was a big roller coaster of emotions, but to see them again is such a wonderful thing so we are keeping our fingers crossed that it continues.

We have had a lot of adjusting to do with working hours and shift patterns, it has meant that more often then not myself and Brad are on opposite shifts and working long weeks, the girls spend more time with the childminder now, however the girls have done amazing at the changes and really enjoy their time with the childminder. It does mean that we all appreciate our time together a lot more and we try our very best to make memories with each other. We have our annual holiday to Butlins in a couple of weeks time, which we are all so excited about, where I am sure we will have loads of fun, so make sure you keep up with my page to see what we are getting up to.

Hopefully now I will be back to blogging and will have lots of things to share with you all. But for now its time to get sorted and spend the half term with the girls before I go back to work.


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