The arrival of Emme-Mai – My Birth Story

Throughout my pregnany with Emme-Mai it was a bumpy ride, from losing water early on, to growing a huge bump due to polyhydramamnios, to the contractions at 34 weeks and her being breech, we really didnt have an easy time. So when it was time for her to enter the world we werent expecting it to be a textbook birth either.

We were having a planned C-Section after many appointments and discussions about Emme-Mai being breech, so on the 27th June 2012 bradley and myself had gone up to the hospital for half 7 in the morning all prepared and ready to meet our baby girl. We had loads of messages from family and friends of well wishes, excitement and good lucks. Little did we know that Emme-Mai had changed her mind. As we were all gowned up and prepped they wheeled me down for one last scan to double check her position and that’s when, we discovered she was no longer breech and had in fact turned to head down!!

I actually cried as I was so ready to meet her, after the pregnancy I had, I just wanted her out, I was done with being pregnant and feeling so crappy. The consultant and midwives said they would have to send me home and wait for things to happen naturally unless my waters were still at a high level. So they checked those and guess what they had dropped, at this point the tears really started flowing and I begged the midwife to induce me as I literally couldn’t take anymore. They put me back on the ward and we started to let close family and friends know that I was more than likely coming home and what had happened. After about 20 minutes she came back and told me that they had agreed to induce me as my water levels were still just within range of being high.

So I was given the pessary and told to move around as much as possible, to try and help the process along. I actually lost count of how many times we walked around the hospital grounds and up and down stairs. I remember getting slight twitches and niggles but as quickly as they started they would stop again. I text my friend who had been induced and she said that it was normal and it meant things were starting to happen. Our parents came to see us and bought supplies as we had barely eaten and obviously I needed my strength and energy for what was ahead of us.

Fast forward to 8.30pm and it was time for Bradley to leave the hospital as still nothing was happening. I was absoulty petrifed of him leaving but luckily he was only across the road at his mums house, so he really wasnt far away at all. I tried to settle down for the night and put the T.V on but I just couldnt get comfy, I mean hospitals arent exactly the most relaxing place. I was just starting to nod off while watching Mama Mia and the pains started at 1.30am. I wasnt entirely convinced that it was the start of contractions, so I laid there just keeping track of how long they lasted and how far apart they were. I carried on doing this for an hour until I knew it was the real deal. So I walked towards the nurses station and told her that I thought my contractions had started, she walked back to my bed with me and proceeded to check my cervix, I was 3cm dilated!! Woohoo this is it, the start of the hardwork to meet our little girl. So I gather my things up and ring Bradley to tell him that I am being moved on to the delivery suite, but because its busy I have to wait for a bed, so its another hour until I go down.

Brad arrived as soon as I rang him to tell him that I was going onto the delivery suite, we got settled and speaking to the midwife, who asked if it was ok for there to be a student midwife in with us, I of course said yes because lets face it they are only going to learn by being right there in the action. Also I am pretty certain that most women dont care who is in the room during labour, we have more important things to worry about. I was checked again and things werent moving as quickly as the midwives would of liked, so they put me on a monitor just to make sure that Emme-Mai wasnt getting distressed. I am remember that they were struggling to find her heartbeat and so kept getting me to move around, on my left side, then right side etc. Brad was amazing throughout the whole labour and knew exactly when to leave me alone and when I actually needed him. For quite a bit of it he was watching films, which was perfectly fine with me, as I sort of just went into my own little zone. I did make me laugh when a midwife told brad off for watching films and not supporting me.

The contractions had started to get more frequent and a considerable amount more painful. I asked Brad to get the midwife as I was starting to feel a little panicky about how I wasn’t coping well, she came in and they decided to check me again, I wasn’t dilating much, so they attempted to break my waters, which I am not going to lie, it was the most uncomfortable experience. She managed to get the front waters but couldn’t get the back ones, so in came another midwife, who had hands the size of bloody shovels!! The worst part was that while she was breaking my waters a big contraction came along and yes you guessed it, her hand was exactly where I didn’t want it to be. I had handled everything quite well up to that point, but that tipped me over the edge and I began to cry like a little girl. I was absolutely exhausted by this point, I had only had around 6 hours sleep in 36 hours, barely eaten and so I asked for pain relief. The contractions were coming thick and fast, they just wasnt any let up between them, but I still wasnt dilating enough. We decided on pethadine as I would still be in control and know what was going on etc, but i just needed some let up from the contractions.

The midwife told me it was time to get moving as Emme-Mai wasnt happy and her heart rate was dipping. We got the birthing ball set up and ready, I was determined that I didnt want intervention, so I got up off the bed and really needed a wee, Brad came with me as I was a little unsteady on my feet. My show had happened which I wasnt concerned about, but as i got back to the bed, i had the strongest urge to push. I told the midwife and she wasnt sure that i was ready, so she said she would check me, but because i had only been about 5-6cm before hand, it could of just been the pressure of me standing up. Low and behold though i was 10cm and ready to start pushing. I climbed onto the bed and immediatly went on all fours as that is what felt the most comfiest position, which incidently I had told Brad that i was sure thats how i would give birth, because during pregnancy if emme-mai was in a certain possition thats what relived the pressure on my back and hips.

I dont remember how long or how many pushes it took, I do remember having Brads hand and squeezing it that tightly between my hand and the bed, that I very nearly broke it. Brad did decide to have look down the ” business end” and he said that he kind of wished he didn’t as Emme-Mai was facing upwards with her eyes wide open. I think it possibly made him feel a little queasy.

Then finally at 10.54am she arrived into the world, although she didn’t cry straight away and we were a little worried, it felt like a lifetime until we did hear her cry but I’m sure it wasn’t. The midwife cleaned her and got her weighed and when they told me so was 6lb 13oz both Brad and myself asked where the rest of her was. We had been told throughout my pregnancy that she was going to be a big baby, so we were a little shocked at such a little baby.

I would love to hear any other birth stories from mums or dad’s, can you remember everything r is it a little sketchy? I’m honestly thinking of applying for my labour notes just so I can have a read. Has anybody done this?


2 thoughts on “The arrival of Emme-Mai – My Birth Story

  1. Congratulations! What a great birth story. I got my labour notes – I did have to pay £30-40 I seem to remember, but it was well worth it to understand what happened and remind myself of the events. It was an interesting read!


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